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Love Pearl Necklaces? So Do These 7 Ladies!

Love Pearl Necklaces? So Do These 7 Ladies!

Pearl necklaces are a timeless staple every woman should have in her wardrobe. Unlike puka shell necklaces or goth style necklaces, it is the accessory that transcends the ages. This is no more evident than in the seven women who have made pearls apart of their style and grace. These are the same women that women of all ages can often look to for classic, simple fashion that never goes out of style. Each makes and carries the pearls in her own unique way, but the look they exude still works today, even some 50 years later.


First Lady Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy during the 1950’s and early 60’s introduced America to a new kind of style that brought a different type of elegance to Washington and White House. Jackie's personal style always seemed to be put together and very polished. Her style ranged from comfortable day clothes ideal for time with her children, to a simple sheath dress for an afternoon press conference, to imported gowns for Presidential balls. Whichever the event, she could generally be found wearing a classic white pearl necklace to pull the look together. She made pearls an essential part of her outfits and took them from casual wear to chic.



Princess Diana

Remember Princess Diana in that stunning black dress by Christina Stambolian that became known as the "Revenge Dress"? Princess Di looked drop dead gorgeous at a time when the world’s eyes were directly upon her. She chose to accessorize that bold dress with a simple pearl choker that easily brought the chic factor up even further. Princess Di’s use of simplistic jewelry like pearls with daring dresses is what helped propel her out of the traditional role of a royal into the fashion world as an icon. Had she chosen to pair her outfits with the bold chunky jewelry of the 80’s and early 90’s, she may not have made the same type of impact on the fashion industry as she did.



First Lady Barbara Bush

As our first lady, Barbara Bush proudly wore her set of pearl necklaces virtually wherever she went. Who could forget her famous suits with the simple pearl necklace accent up top? Whether it was the single layered necklace or her triple strand necklace that became her signature, you could find Barbara always with her pearls as First Lady from 1988 to 1992. And while she is not usually one of the first names that pop up on top fashion lists, she showed us that a smart, pulled together look can be achieved at any age.



Barbara Billingsly

You know Barbara best as Beaver’s mom, June Cleaver from Leave It to Beaver. No matter what Mrs. Cleaver was up to, whether preparing breakfast, vacuuming, or eating dinner, she always had her pearl necklace on. So much was this apart of the character that the necklace is apart of television history. However, few people know that the pearl necklace was actually Barbara Billingsly idea and something she continues to wear to this day!



Audrey Hepburn

When Audrey Hepburn came out in Breakfast at Tiffany’s with that little black dress and dramatic set of pearls, it was an instant moment in fashion history. Her look was so timeless and sophisticated that it still continues to transcend era’s of style. This set was a triple strand of pearls that created a bold addition to the dress. Today, you can find this look continuing to be emulated with women layering long single strand pearl necklaces or other types of necklaces over each other to create the same effect.


Princess Grace

Grace Kelly started off as one of Hollywood’s most celebrated actresses’s but then transformed into royalty when she became the Princess of Monaco. As Princess, Grace’s style needed to be impeccable at all times and is something she achieved with what seemed like little effort. She brought her classic American style into a foreign kingdom and captivated the world with her use of clean lined dresses, elegant evening gowns, and simple jewelry. She often adorned herself in simple pearl necklaces that complimented her classic American style.



Sarah Jessica Parker

What fashion list is complete without Sarah Jessica Parker? In the Sex and the City movie, Sarah Jessica dawned a long necklace made of Akoya pearls in a variety of scenes. She showed us that pearls are still very much apart of modern fashion. And in real life, she has been using pearls as apart of her red carpet accessories showing us true, classic and innovative style.