Akoya Pearls

Akoya pearls were the first spherical cultured pearls, introduced early in the twentieth century. 

The Akoya oyster's scientific name Pinctada Fucata, produced in Japan and China., pearls produced by this type of oyster are smaller than other pearl oysters. While the size of the pearl might be creatively smaller than other, that does not take away from the absolute beauty of this pearl. 



Akoya Pearl Size
Akoya Pearls normally available from 2mm to 9mm. Average size 6mm to 8mm 
                     2mm    9mm                     

Akoya Pearl Shape
Round Baroque
Near-round Semi-baroque

Akoya Pearl Body Color
White Cream Yellow Pink Blue

Akoya Pearl Farm Map

Although Japan has always been the primary producer of Akoya cultured pearls, China also has some important pearl-farming areas.

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