Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater Cultured Pearl

Freshwater pearls cultured in the Triangle shell mussel (Hyriopsis Cumingi) are   produced primarily in China, Japan and some parts in the North America. Most of the Chinese freshwater pearl farming takes place within about 480 km (300 miles) of Shanghai. Lately Chinese pearl farmers have gradually changed their emphasis from quantity to quality.

Most freshwater pearl farmers nucleate mussels with mantle tissue only, while saltwater oysters are inserted with mantle tissue and bead nuclei.



Freshwater Pearl Size
Freshwater pearls normally available from 4mm to 11mm. Average size 8mm to 10mm 
              4mm 11mm                 

Freshwater Pearl Shape
Round Oval Baroque
Near-round Button Semi-baroque

Freshwater Pearl Body Color
White Yellow Orange
Cream Pink Purple

Freshwater Pearl Farm Map

Most of China's freshwater cultured pearl come from farms within approximately 480Km of Shanghai, an area represented here by a broken line.


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