Pearl Jewelry Care

The care of pearl jewelry requires thoughtful attention due to the delicate nature of pearls. Layer after layer of soft nacre takes years to form and can be degraded through everyday use, chemicals or improper storage. Our complimentary Pearl Care Kit comes with every order, to help keep your pearls looking radiant. 

A good rule of thumb when wearing pearl jewelry is to put the piece on last when dressing. Chemicals found in hairspray, cosmetics, and perfume can leave a cultured pearl looking dull or pitted. Treat your pearls as a finishing touch. Remove them before reapplying any of these mentioned products. 

Pearl jewelry should be the first thing off when you get home, especially leave your pearl jewelry off when cleaning, gardening, swimming and exercising. Many cleansers and detergents contain chemicals like ammonia and chlorine, which can damage cultured pearls. Chlorinated swimming pool water is hazardous to cultured pearls. 


How to Store Pearl Jewelry

To get rid of body oil or dirt and maintain luster, lightly rub pearls with the polish cloth included in our pearl care kit. Then, store them flat in a protective pouch. The pouch will keep other hard jewelry from damaging or gouging delicate pearls. Hanging your pearl strands may stretch the thread and require them to be restrung more than the recommended once a year. 

Let your pearls breathe. Avoid storing pearl jewelry in a safe or safety deposit box. Bank safes are humidity free and over time this dry environment can cause your pearls to crack. 


Frequently worn cultured pearl strand should be restrung every three years

This will keep your cultured pearls in good condition and ready for daily wear.


Cleaning Pearl Jewelry

When cleaning cultured pearls lay them flat and use a mild soap and water solution. Very gently scrub each pearl with the solution and a soft bristled brush. When finished, dip the pearls in cool water for a few minutes then place them on a clean cloth and wait for them to dry. 

Never put pearl jewelry in ultrasonic cleaners and check the label before using any jewelry cleaning products on cultured pearls. Cleaners that are not "pearl-safe" contain detergents and other chemicals that can dull nacre or cause pitting. 

By following these simple pearl care tips and using our complimentary Pearl Care Kit, you can help ensure your pearl jewelry keeps its luster and shine for years to come. The pearl care kit includes: polish cloth, Italian suede storage/travel pouch and Pearl Care Card.