Pearl Types

Types of Pearls

Learn the Different Types of Pearls and What Makes Them Special

South Sea Pearl FarmHere at Pearl Classic, we offer 4 of the major types of pearls, which are Akoya, Freshwater, South Sea, and Tahitian pearls. Each type of pearl has its own unique qualities and differences making them special from each other. Knowing these qualities allows you to make an informed decision when selecting your own pearl jewelry.

Our certified pearl experts understands the differences in these 4 types of pearls. We travel the world looking for the perfect collection of pearls that we can put together to create the beautiful sets of pearl jewelry featured on our web site. Here you can read the overall characteristics of each type of pearl we select to gain an understanding of the quality of the pearl you are interested in.

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Akoya Pearls
Freshwater Pearls
Tahitian Pearls
South Sea Pearls